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Proper Antibiotic Use

Use as directed

How do I take my antibiotics?

Your doctor has prescribed an antibiotic to treat your bacterial infection. It's vital that you take your medication according to instructions because bugs are smart. Misuse of antibiotics allows bugs to develop resistance to them.

  1. Take all of your medication, even though you'll probably feel better before it's finished.
    If you don't finish the antibiotic you may get sick again, and your illness may become more difficult to treat.
  2. Take your antibiotic on schedule.
    Taking it sporadically allows bacteria to adapt and multiply.
  3. Don't use other people's antibiotics or share yours with others.
    Antibiotics are prescribed specifically for you, and the particular bug you have - taking into account any health concerns, such as allergies, that you may have.
  4. Don't keep antibiotics for next time.
    Finish all of the medication unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. If for some reason your physician stops or changes your treatment, return the unused medication to your pharmacy.

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