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Welcome to the This site aims to be a knowledge centre for Information on Antibiotics. NIPA is a group of healthcare organizations that are dedicated to promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics.

We believe that often there are alternative medications that can be effective for many ailments that normally get prescribed antibiotics. Herbal remedies often contain ingredients that are very similar to anti-biotics.

We think sufferers should try looking for health products that maybe as efficacious without the side effects. The overuse of antibiotics will result in them becoming less effective as a treatment and the use of them combined with some other medications such as Acetaminophen can lead to other complications such as Tylenol poisoning which has lead to a plethora of Tylenol law firms.

We hope this site contains information for consumers and healthcare professionals on a variety of topics surrounding the issue of antibiotic resistance in Canada and rest of the world and is not intended to be used for decisions on diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the diagnosis and treatment of a medical condition.

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