About NIPA

What is the National Information Program on Antibiotics (NIPA)?


The National Information Program on Antibiotics (NIPA) was created in 1996 by Pfizer Canada Inc. to help educate Canadians about the appropriate use of antibiotics. The coalition, whose annual operating costs are underwritten by an educational grant from Pfizer, consists of eight medical, pharmacist and patient organizations. Rogers Media has also joined NIPA as a media partner, providing generous amounts of print and radio advertising to communicate NIPA's messages to healthcare professionals and the public to help fight the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Canadians have access to very effective antibiotics but these treatments will lose their effectiveness if the inappropriate use of antibiotics goes unchecked. NIPA was formed to help educate Canadians about the appropriate use of antibiotics.

NIPA's objectives are to help Canadians understand the difference between viral and bacterial infections, and the importance of using antibiotics only for the treatment of bacterial infections. NIPA wants to raise awareness and understanding of the issue of antibiotic resistance and motivate behavioural changes in the prescribing and use of antibiotics.

NIPA's campaign - "Antibiotics: Use Them Wisely" - is designed to help Canadians understand that everyone has a role to play in helping fight this serious public health threat.

NIPA is made up of the following physician, pharmacist and patient organizations:

Canadian Infectious Disease Society
Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canadian Pharmacists Association
The Lung Association
Canadian Public Health Association
The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Canadian Thoracic Society

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