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The National Information Program on Antibiotics (NIPA) was created in 1996 by Pfizer Canada Inc. to help educate Canadians about the appropriate use of antibiotics. The coalition, whose annual operating costs are underwritten by an educational grant from Pfizer, consists of eight medical, pharmacist and patient organizations. Rogers Media has also joined NIPA as a media partner, providing generous amounts of print and radio advertising to communicate NIPA's messages to healthcare professionals and the public.


Canadians have access to very effective antibiotics but these treatments will lose their effectiveness if the inappropriate use of antibiotics goes unchecked. NIPA was formed to help educate Canadians about the appropriate use of antibiotics.


  • To help Canadians understand the difference between viral and bacterial infections, and the importance of using antibiotics only for the treatment of bacterial infections;
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the issue of antibiotic resistance; and
  • To motivate behavioural change in the prescribing and use of antibiotics.


  • Challenge physicians to reevaluate their antibiotic prescribing practices;
  • Provide tools to physicians and pharmacists to help educate patients about proper antibiotic use; and
  • Inform consumers about the common misconceptions associated with antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

We can no longer rely solely on new antibiotic discovery to stay one step ahead of the threat posed by bacterial resistance.

In addition to creating additional costs for our healthcare system, the inappropriate use of antibiotics contributes significantly to the problem of antibiotic resistance. With the aid of instructional tools to assist physicians and pharmacists in explaining the appropriate use of antibiotics to their patients, NIPA's campaign - "Antibiotics: Use Them Wisely" - is designed to help Canadians understand that everyone has a role to play in helping fight this serious public health threat.

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