Reducing the Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

NIPA - the effort continues

A lot of progress has been made so far, but the NIPA coalition believes there's still a need to educate people about appropriate antibiotic use, because we all have a role to play - physicians, pharmacists and consumers - in helping fight the problem of antibiotic resistance.

NIPA's efforts to educate healthcare professionals and increase public awareness about using antibiotics wisely are paying off. Since 1997, when NIPA started educating Canadians about appropriate antibiotic use, the number of prescriptions for oral antibiotics in Canada has fallen by over 12%.

The chair of NIPA, Dr. François Boucher, associate professor of pediatrics, Université Laval, is very proud of the results of NIPA's work to date. Dr. Boucher says that Canada is among the world leaders in helping fight this serious global public health threat.

So let's keep up the good work and USE ANTIBIOTICS WISELY!

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